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  • RunDMB custom Bop Dragon

    RunDMB custom Bop Dragon

    Everything David Bishop touches is absolute custom toy gold, and his latest creation is another stunner. This time it’s a custom Bop Dragon for ToyCon’s very own Ben Heart. Right enough waffle time for some pictures!!!
  • Gaddur - The Ice Wyvern by Ian Hancox

    Gaddur – The Ice Wyvern by Ian Hancox

    This is Gaddur (icelandic for spike) the ice wyvern, and he is the latest custom from one of the artists that took part in our Myths and Legends series for ToyCon, Ian Hancox. Some say Gaddur is born of the blizzards and the only time he has been spotted is rescuing villagers lost in the […]
  • Eidolon - Haus Of Boz

    Eidolon – Haus Of Boz

    Haus Of Boz is one of the biggest bunny lovers that I know and she has crafted Eidolon. The Eidolon is a shade of the long gone, giving life after death to those with unfinished stories. Silently sailing through the swirling ether, Eidolon appears as it pleases to lure you wheresoever it ...
  • Usagi Space Bunny - A Little Stranger

    Usagi Space Bunny – A Little Stranger

    A Little Stranger’s fun loving Usagi Space Bunny are available now! Holly’s very special handmade Usagi happiness totems are charged with Usagi’s happy energy. Keep him with you and let the happy energy flow all around you! Usagi will fill ...
  • The Consumer - DMS

    The Consumer – DMS

    The Consumer, inspired piece by DMS nightmares looks creepy as hell and would shock me if that came into my dream! I think DMS should stop watching films like American Horror Story and watch more films like Toy Story…. actually no keep watching the scary stuff DMS so you can make more ...
  • Retired Hero - BlackSeed x Kenneth Tang

    Retired Hero – BlackSeed x Kenneth Tang

    Pre-orders are being accepted right now for Retired hero by the mighty Kenneth Tang BlackSeed. A goof ball take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The sculpt and finish looks very fresh and clean, this fun design surely will be a huge hit. Every time I look at this I get a girly giggle! look ...
  • Little Army Bear Finito - Krunster

    Little Army Bear Finito – Krunster

    ATTENTION! Little Army Bear Finito by Karen Krunster is ready for any battle and pull on your heart stings, Finto might be even too nice cute to go into the army. That cute grumpy face is darn cute. Finito the 4″ custom Kidrobot Munny has a nice camo colour combination. I like how the ...
  • Geekwok - Toy Kulture Popcon Asia Special Edition By UMEToys

    Geekwok – Toy Kulture Popcon Asia Special Edition By UMEToys

    Right now the Indonesian folks who are lucky enough go to to Popcon Asia 2014 (19-21 September) UMEToys has a special edition of the much loved Geekwok and he’s available at our good friends booth ‘Toy Kulture‘ AAH-2 as well as some awesome customs Toy Kulture will have a ...
  • Amazing Galactik Boys - Tizieu

    Amazing Galactik Boys – Tizieu

    love wood? well if you do then you are in for a treat, the French wonder Tizieu is releasing a new line of wooden toy called the Amazing Galactik Boys. Their are 9 to collect and each put together by hand . From sketch to wood. Layers of wood all stuck together by Tizieu Priced at €15 you can ...
  • The Grifling King - Huck Gee

    The Grifling King – Huck Gee

    One of our biggest English exports Huck Gee is back, never failing to impressive Huck has completed The Grifling King. The figure is one heck of a piece and if you have the wallet and space for this Huck Gee piece he is up for pre-order but limited to 10. The Griflings are ruled by an ...
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