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  • Crisy & Dank - MAp MAp

    Crisy & Dank – MAp MAp

     MAp MAp’s old pals Crisy & Dank are safely back from their world tour! Sadly they’re now brimming full of stories and life experiences which means they’ve just out grown MAp MAp as a person, so Map Map has decided to put them up for sale on his store. Crisy & Dank was ...
  • Beta - Dolly Oblong

    Beta – Dolly Oblong

    Dolly Dolly Dolly you can tell theirs no taking breaks for Dolly Oblong. This week she introduces BETA! she’s back to her adorable robots. Fronting her trademark eyes and colours, this bad boy rocks, Pacific Rim eat your heart out PEW PEW PEW The mouth on BETA does it for me and the ...
  • Android series 5 leaked details

    Android series 5 leaked details

    We have just been passed this little snippet of information by a friend. This was leaked by Andrew Bell and then went onto twitter and when Andrew asked about it on Google + the post was deleted as Andrew is usually very secretive about releases. As you can see among the names on the list […]
  • Labrynith Raar by Neese Plush

    Labrynith Raar by Neese Plush

    Neese Plush has just recently finished this amazing commissioned Raar. This has been keeping Neese busy for a while and it’s the first Raar with teeth, ears and a tail. The request was for a Ludo (from the classic film Labyrinth) inspired version, and we think she nailed it. (Bellow it ...
  • The Toy Chronicle Toy Photography Highlight - IKargram

    The Toy Chronicle Toy Photography Highlight – IKargram

    It was only the matter of time that his section of TTC was made. Having the love of taking photos of my toys (well at least try) and discover other people with the same passion. My Instagram roots have flown into TTC and come up with a photography section for TTC. Personally trying to highlight ...
  • Last Stand at Go-Nara Falls by JPK

    Last Stand at Go-Nara Falls by JPK

    Jon-Paul Kaiser has finished work on his latest custom, and it is rather magnificent. His latest custom platform is the 8inch Locodonta Dunny, which JPK himself released in Summer 2013 through Kidrobot. Named Last Stand at Go-Nara Falls, it depicts an imminent battle between samurai and tribal ...
  • Wananeko - Javier Jiménez  x Toy Kultur's POPCON Exclusive

    Wananeko – Javier Jiménez x Toy Kultur’s POPCON Exclusive

    Spain invades Indonesia……… Well in the designer toy world that is. Javier Jiménez  has made an exclusive colour way of his crazy ass cat Wananeko for  Toy Kultur’s Booth AAH2  at this years POPCON Asia in Indonesia.  Javier Jiménez gave the feline a a new coat of paint ...
  • 7 Creatures - The Criaturas

    7 Creatures – The Criaturas

    The Criaturas (Javi) have come up with something you would love to put on display even though I have no Idea what it is or resembles. Maybe thats what I like about the design. Having said that I couldn’t just have one of the colours I would have to have all seven. The Criaturas page ...
  • Project: Vulkira

    Project: Vulkira

    What are you opinion on giant robots? Like them? Well, you’ll like these. Eric ‘Necro‘ Smith has come up with the concept of Vulkira, a vinyl robot that are reminiscent of the vintage Japanese robots of the 1970′s. Vulkira isn’t available yet, but is in a digital ...
  • KAWS x Pharrell Williams

    KAWS x Pharrell Williams

    The man that never seems to age, Pharrell Williams, is hooking up with KAWS. KAWS, a New York based artist and designer of limited edition toys, has ‘designed’ the bottle to Pharrell’s latest release - Girl. A unisex perfume. We know that Mr Williams is highly interested in ...
Crisy & Dank - MAp MAp
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